Lights, Camera, Action: It’s Movie Time!


THE SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SEASON will soon be upon us! With so many great movies coming out this year, we decided we wanted to share some of our team’s all-time favorites!

Our Team’s Top Movie Picks!

We love movies in our practice, so we asked our team members to share what their favorite movie was and why. Here’s what they said:


Patience Cary

Favorite Movie: Splendor in the Grass
Why: Because Natalie Wood is my favorite actress ever!

Jordan Johnston

Favorite Movie: Steel Magnolias
Why: The strong friendship and bond during the good and bad no matter what is thrown their way.  Cry every time. 

Britney Homsley

Favorite Movie: Jungle Book
Why: It brings back good memories of my Dad.  He loved King Louie and the Vultures at the end.  He could recite the whole movie and sing every song!

Brooke Rogers

Favorite Movie: Billy Madison
Why: Because it’s FUNNY!  I like any kind of comedy of course! My best friend and I used to watch it almost daily in high school.  We still text each other if we see it’s on TV.  Brings back good memories of our high school days. 

Taylor Bisbee

Favorite Movie: Premonition
Why: It shows you that even if you change things in your life to maybe prevent something or change the outcome, God is still in control and has the ultimate say in how your life will play out. 

Speaking of great movies, check out the video below to see whether or not you’ve been correctly quoting these iconic films!


What’s Your Favorite Movie?

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorites, we want to hear from you too! Whether you enjoy goofy comedies, gripping suspense films, or insightful documentaries, we’d love to hear what your favorite movies are. Who knows, maybe one of them will become one of our new favorites! Leave your movie picks in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Thanks for being our star patients!

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